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We use our legal expertise to minimize our client’s exposure to liability in complex commercial litigation disputes. Our skilled representation is tailored to each client’s specific needs and the desired outcome, whether that is achieved through traditional litigation, alternative dispute resolution, or settlement negotiations.
Our team at Santangelo & Rodriguez is experienced in handling complex matters, which include, but are not limited to:
  • Premises Liability actions, including slip and falls, serious injuries and negligent death claims against small businesses owners or large corporations.
  • Dram Shop actions to recover damages against commercial sellers of alcohol as the result of a third-person’s negligence.
  • Matters against land owners and proprietors regarding claims of workplace accidents and injuries.
Our strategic planning and aggressive defense against a wide variety of  disputes concerning insurance, corporate, and individual clients at both the state and federal level has resulted in successful resolutions, including nominal settlements and favorable court decisions and verdicts.


  • In order to achieve greater predictability of cost and legal spending, we work closely with our clients who wish to implement alternative fee arrangements.
  • Our ability to maintain low overhead has allowed our firm to keep our billable hour rates low and highly competitive in the legal market.
  • In addition to the billable hour and other alternative fee arrangements, our firm is adept at offering flat-fee arrangements, when available.  Flat-Fee arrangements allow our clients to achieve greater cost predictability and allows our attorneys to focus on achieving a positive outcome for our clients in the most expeditious and efficient way possible.