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We believe that Subrogation Recovery is one of the most important financial tools an insurance company can utilize in increasing its bottom line. It is one of the few ways an insurance company can increase its revenues even in a struggling economy.
No subrogation matter is too small; every dollar recovered through a subrogation recovery means an increase in the insurance company’s bottom line. In light of the ever increasing competitive market, every extra dollar means more available capital for advertising and marketing. The more it can market, the more clients it can amass, which means more premiums and, therefore, more lucrative investment opportunities.
It is in our clients best interest to utilize our attorneys for its subrogation work. Our attorneys have the requisite experience and knowledge to handle the most complex subrogation matters.
Our attorneys have the ability to analyze the facts, law, policies and contracts in order to determine the viability of any subrogation cause of action quickly and efficiently.
Our attorneys will review the loss information and provide an opinion on the potential for subrogation recovery. In addition, we will prepare a litigation budget so that S-R Law and its clients can work together to conduct a cost-benefit analysis. With cost control in mind, we usually recommend sending a demand letter to the potentially liable parties, with an overview of the evidence, in an attempt to obtain a pre-litigation resolution of the matter. If settlement at that time is not an option, with your agreement and approval, we would commence litigation.
We are constantly reviewing and analyzing the cost-benefit throughout the life of the case and we would continue to work closely with you at every stage of the litigation.
We understand the latest discovery techniques and the most complex evidentiary rules. Our considerable experience in alternative dispute resolution, including arbitration, mediation and mini-trials, allows us to obtain significant recoveries through the most cost-effective procedures.
Our firm and investigation team can be at the scene of a loss within hours, protecting your interests. This can include coordinating and supervising site investigation in the inspection, removal and preservation of evidence. Our attorneys will also work to identify and interview witnesses, elicit the cooperation of authorities and, when necessary, obtain local, state and federal equitable bills of discovery and protective orders to preserve critical evidence. Additionally, we assist our clients in the selection of Forensic Accountants and Engineers, should the need arise.
The attorneys at Santangelo & Rodriguez, P.C. have extensive experience in various property losses in the areas of boilers, collapse, dams/levees, electrical, explosions, fires, natural disasters, structural, transportation, trucking, and water losses.
Our success is attributable to our creative and adept approaches to settlement discussions and dispute resolution alternatives.