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Our attorneys are well versed in analyzing complex coverage issues.  We defend complex cases through litigation.  In addition to our attorneys being experienced coverage counselors, they are also trial attorneys. Therefore, they are ready, willing, and able to zealously represent their clients in declaratory judgment, breach of contract, and bad faith actions throughout the United States.
Our attorneys are well-versed in analyzing various complex coverage issues, including the following:
  • Professional Liability
  • Errors and Omissions 
  • Comprehensive General Liability
  • Construction Liability
  • Transportation and Trucking Liability
  • Environmental Liability
  • Toxic & Mass Tort Liability
  • Commercial Losses
  • Workers’ Compensation Insurance
From the matter’s inception, our attorneys work with the claims examiners in responding to a property policyholder’s claim for physical damage and/or time element losses.  We also work with the underwriters to refine policy wording and develop new endorsements to avoid disputes going through litigation unnecessarily. We are mindful of our clients’ business relationships and we ensure that any wording we suggest will be both competitive on the market and acceptable to your clients.
Our attorneys are skilled in analyzing whether or not a loss is a covered loss or event under the policy.  The attorneys at S-R Law are also experienced coverage counselors for individual insurers and surplus line carriers.  We are experienced with insurers assuming the risk either fractionally or wholly in both primary and excess layers on various policy types, including, commercial general liability policies, “all-risks,” fire, named peril, builder’s risk, business interruption, and boiler and machinery contracts.  We have handled numerous losses involving participation by several market participants.
It is our main goal to procure the best and most expeditious outcome consistent with the policy’s provisions through meticulous legal analysis.  Importantly, in the event allegations arise involving bad faith, unfair claims handling, deceptive trade practices, and/or unfair consumer practices, our attorneys are experienced in vigorously defending those claims and other extra-contractual loss claims.
A significant part of our practice consists of providing insurance carriers with opinions in regard to coverage. Whether or not coverage exists depends upon a multitude of circumstances – the property damage, the people who were hurt, and the language contained in the policy or policies. Our attorneys provide advice to clients as to whether coverage exists under the particular circumstances and litigate the issues of whether coverage exists when necessary.
Other services
We can provide you with draft Reservation of Rights Letters for either your letterhead or the letterhead of the outside independent adjuster.
We can provide White-Waiver Agreements as to any settlement meetings that may arise as part of the claim resolution process.
We conduct Examinations Under Oath to assist insurers in analyzing suspicious claims as well as various property claims involving misrepresentation, concealment, and fraud issues.
We can also prepare Confidentiality Agreements where it is necessary to protect either the confidential or proprietary information of your Policyholders.